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Reimbursement policy

STM TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD performs exchange, return and refund to customers in the following cases:
- Goods not in the right categories and designs as customers order.
- The goods are not in sufficient quantity, not enough as in the order.
- Goods distorted, breakage occurs during transport delivery ...
- The goods are not qualified due to technical errors of the manufacturer.

Conditions of exchange / return goods: Goods exchanged / paid must be intact, full of parts, packaging, invoices and documents ... and procedures to revoke VAT invoices and goods in accordance with regulations.

- Please check the goods and sign the status with the Delivery Officer as soon as you receive the goods. Upon discovering one of the above cases, you can exchange directly with the Delivery Officer or give feedback to us within 24 hours at 0886 078479 or email:
- The exchange / return of goods, repair will be done in accordance with the provisions of the supplier, manufacturer, or authorized warranty of the supplier, that manufacturer.
- The process of handling exchange or return procedures is carried out within two weeks from the date of receipt of all information and documents from the customer.

VIEN Thong STM CO., LTD does not accept exchange / return when:
- You want to change categories, designs but not informed and agreed in advance.
- You self-tear or lack of packaging, scratches, distorted, broken, missing parts ...
- You operate improperly, causing damage to the goods.
- You do not comply with the regulations required to enjoy warranty.
- You have checked and signed the status of the goods but there is no response within 24 hours from the time of signing the receipt.
- Goods do not have all the attached documents such as: Purchase invoice, warranty card ...

For more information, please contact:
86/8 Road 2 - Truong Tho Ward - Thu Duc District - Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0886 078479

Thank you for your interest, choose to buy products and services of STM TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD